Prophet Mohammad Row: A decision has been taken against the former spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Nupur Sharma, against all non-resident Asians, including Indians, who demonstrated in the Fahaheel area of ​​Kuwait on June 10. 

All of them have been arrested and will now be deported to their countries. When these people were protesting by gathering in the Fahaheel area, only then did a large number of police forces reach there. All of them were taken away in trucks. The visas of all of these migrants were cancelled and sent to the deportation centre for violation of the law there. Now all of these migrants will be sent back. At present, the police are probing who had instigated these people to protest.

The names of all Asians, including Indians, sent to the deportation centre, will now be included in the list of people banned in Kuwait. They will never be able to enter Kuwait again. According to the sources, there is a ban on organizing sit-ins and demonstrations in Arab countries. Any kind of demonstration is considered a violation of rules and laws and the people involved are deported to their country.

In a statement, the Kuwait government said, all the people living here will have to follow the laws of the country. It is necessary to stay away from any kind of protest. Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims were among the expatriates who demonstrated in Kuwait. According to the report, the police will arrest these protesters and send them to the exile centre. From there they will be sent to their countries. Their visas will also be cancelled.

Indo-Pak-Bangladesh migrants among the protesters

According to the report, the police are in the process of arresting such people and sending them back to their countries. Along with this, a permanent ban will also be imposed on their re-entry into Kuwait. Official sources said that all expatriates in Kuwait should respect the laws here and should not take part in any kind of demonstrations. 

On the other hand, J Nandakumar, All India Convener of Pragya Pravah related to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh tweeted that the protesting Indians would be sent to India.

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