Propose day 2021: What do you expect from your partner?

There are places around the city where you can take your partner and propose them in a most romantic and sincere way.

Valentine day week has started. Couples and lovers, like every year, wish to make the most of this week. Propose day is celebrated after Rose day. You can propose the love of your life on propose day. However, it is not a hard and fast rule that you will have to propose them on this day but on Valentine's day, usually the love fills the air, you can take advantage of it.

It has become extremely important to propose your potential partner in such a way that it is unique and heart-touching because in an online environment, there are a lot of ways to propose your partner but you are likely to succeed in your attempt in a real time environment also. As the Covid-19 cases are not rising sharply in India, you can expect people taking it as a cue and thronging places where love birds usually go.

There are places around the city where you can take your partner and propose them in a most romantic and sincere way. Although, you have to make sure that the person whom you love has feelings for you because otherwise the situation becomes tricky. Usually, people believe in love at first sight or some propose their best friends but sometimes situations get the better of it and the relationship worsens instead of sowing a seed of love.

You have to make sure that you are not over-thinking and you are sincere in your attempt.

What you should know before proposing the love of your life?

Honesty is the keyword that a lover should keep in mind. Deceptions using false or misleading information about yourself might help you in the short term but you are likely to fail in the long term. You will not be successful if your attempt is to deceive your lover or potential partner who you are thinking to propose. Be honest and express your feelings with honesty.

Never seek a piece of advice from others: because we usually fret before proposing and go to our friends to ask about their experiences. You should keep in mind that everybody goes through ups and downs and everybody has their own experiences. You have to go with your instinct.

Know your lover in and out: Knowing your beloved is no mean feat. If you both study in a same college or go to a same office, you should probably observe your lover. Observing what they like or dislike help you at the time of proposing. It also helps you in starting off at a positive note because your lover will value you if you are keen on knowing them.

Never make them feel awkward: People usually follow and stalk their lovers. They forget giving a space to them. You should know that it is extremely important to live and let live. Never ever follow or stalk the love of your life. They should not get an inkling that you are following them unnecessarily without professing anything. If you need to talk to them, just go and politely ask out for a coffee or brunch.

Online gestures matter: In an online environment, you can send your lover a friend request on social networking sites but never order or demand something in particular that doesn't go well with their freedom of expression. After people propose their love, they usually ask them to un-friend their male or female friends. It is childish. Behave like a mature person.

Avoid silly mistakes: Never take anything personal if you are in love. Just avoid silly mistakes. What if your potential partner comes late on your first date? What if they have mistakenly spilled coffee on the table? What if they are having a bad day and could not understand your point of view? Just give each other sometime and go with the flow.

How should you propose?

Although, no one can give advice to people regarding how to propose the love of their life because some people usually want everything special while others believe in simplicity. Some want a romantic date before proposal day while others want a quite meeting in a park.

Ask directly and without any fear because love is not a crime but you have to respect and value the decision made by your lover.

You can cook for your lover and plan a romantic dinner if you know them already. If you are already friends, just make sure it doesn't ruin your friendship. Flowers are usually nice. Observe what do they like. You can sing a song, write a letter and even make the most of sunset or sunrise. Take your lover to a lake and honestly profess your feelings.

No one formula is good for everyone. Even the most mechanical proposals are not good. Purity of emotions matter. One tip in the end: value the decision taken by your lover. Give some time to them because such decisions should never be made in haste.

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