Protests erupt around Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann's house in Jalandhar; police tightens security

Before the Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann's arrival to his house in Jalandhar, Punjab, the Veterinary Pharmacist Union of Punjab has staged a protest.

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The Veterinary Pharmacist Union of Punjab has started a protest today outside CM Bhagwant Mann's temporary residence in Jalandhar, Punjab. CM Bhagwant Mann has rented a house in Deepnagar, Jalandhar, where he will live with his family. CM Bhagwant Mann was supposed to enter his house today, but before his arrival, the union staged a protest outside his house and started chanting slogans. Subsequently, police have increased security in the area.

According to the information received, this protest is being staged by temporary employees who have been working with the government for a long time but have not been made permanent employees. The protest is taking place about 800 meters from the CM's residence. The police have barricaded the way leading to the CM's house. The president of the Veterinary Pharmacist Union of Punjab, Gurpreet Singh Rehman, stated that the temporary employees had given an ultimatum to the government about 10 days ago regarding their demands, but the government did not take any action. They are demanding permanent jobs, an increased salary, and a proper place for protesting.

CM Bhagwant Mann has decided to buy a house in Jalandhar and stay there with his wife, Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, and sister, Manpreet Kaur. In the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP received 42827 votes in the West constituency, while Congress got around 44394 votes. The Aam Aadmi Party received 15629 votes from the Jalandhar West area and lagged behind Congress by around 27,765 votes in the August constituency. Despite various road shows and rallies organized by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, AAP could not secure victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

CM Mann will be staying with his family in the 5-bedroom, double storey house, Nanak Niwas, built in Royal Estate on the main road before Deep Nagar on the old Phagwara road for the purposes of Jalandhar West elections campaigning. Punjab CM Mann announced he will shift his base to Jalandhar in the coming days to ensure that party wins this seat with historic margin, executing the strategy from a rented house. He said that he will live in this house for minimum two three days in a week and ensure victory of party.