A 38-year-old person from Pune's Guruwar Peth region purportedly attempted to kill a 35-year-elderly person daily after she reproached him for contacting her in an unseemly way. After the supposed wrongdoing was accounted for, the Kondhwa Police captured the charged-on Thursday. 

According to reports, the blamed had supposedly improperly contacted the lady on January 11 when she, alongside her better half, had gone to the Camp region for purchasing something. The lady rebuked the charged for his direct out in the open.

The following day (January 12), the man - who was seething over being denounced - - followed the lady in a vehicle while she was going back with her better half. The lady asserted that the charged attempted to kill her by slamming the four-wheeler into the bicycle in Kondhwa region. The riders tumbled off the bike, as indicated by a report by The Times of India.

An official said the lady and her better half got harmed in the occurrence. She even claimed that when she scrutinized the charged for driving recklessly, he whipped her, the official added.

The denounced has been captured. A case has been filed against him under Sections 307 (endeavor to kill), 323 (intentionally causing hurt) and 354 (attack or utilization of criminal power at lady with aim to shock her humility) of the Indian Penal Code.

In another episode, a pregnant lady was purportedly killed by her significant other at a town Jharkhand on Thursday. The wrongdoing happened after the lady wouldn't give her better half cash for purchasing alcohol. The denounced, distinguished as Tileshwar Ganjhu, was captured and shipped off prison on Friday.

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