Slamming the Union government for demeaning the position of President of the country by not inviting her to the inaugural ceremony of new Parliament, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday said he would not attend the function slated to be held on May 28.

In a statement here, the Chief Minister said whenever the new session of Parliament is called every MP is invited by the President to attend the session. However, he said it is ironical that the constitutional head of the government has not even been invited to the function to mark inauguration of the new Parliament.

Mann said this is 'mockery of the Constitution' which is totally unwarranted and undesirable.

The Chief Minister said the Constitution has been framed by a visionary leader like Dr B.R. Ambedkar, who had enshrined basic values to ensure that democracy works successfully. However, he said as a part of deep-rooted conspiracy, the NDA government led by the BJP is showing grave disrespect to the founding fathers of the Constitution by indulging in such tantrums.

Mann said the countrymen would never accept it and would teach a befitting lesson to the BJP in the coming days.

The Chief Minister said his conscience doesn't allow him to attend any such event where the "power mad government" has not even bothered to invite the constitutional head of the country.

Therefore, he said, they will boycott this event and will not attend it as a mark of protest against the high handedness of the BJP and its allies.

Mann unequivocally said they would have loved to attend this event, had the President dedicated this new Parliament to the people of country.

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