In a key development, the DPC for 4 prominent ADGPs of Punjab namely Dr. Sharad Satya Chauhan, Gaurav Yadav, Kuldeep Singh, and Harpreet Singh Sidhu has been cleared by the government of Punjab. Now, all 4 ADGPs are eligible to hold the DGP ranks. The DPC clearance of these four ADGPs were dangling after Punjab's Home Department had halted their promotions. All the four ADGPs who belong to the 1992 batch were notified by the Home Department that there were only 2 Cadre posts of the DGP available. 

Of the two Cadres' posts, one was soon going to be vacant after retirement, however, the other one would not be vacant as the retirement did not arrive. As a result, it was stated that only one among the four will be promoted resulting in the non-promotion of the other three. Therefore, their promotions were put on hold. In fact, their files were also sent to Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann as he had the power to overrule the Home Department's decision.

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