Punjab Elections 2022: Internal quarrels increase as Channi and Sidhu demand the announcement of CM face

Congress caught in dilemma between Channi and Sidhu as both demand to be announced the CM for the 2022 polls.

- True Scoop
Congress’ internal fight doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. With both Charanjit Singh Channi and Navjot Singh Sidhu asking for the face of the CM to be announced. The party high command has said that this time the elections will not be fought with the idea a new CM. 

The party is going to have a meeting today to finalize the candidature list for the upcoming Punjab elections. It is expected that the party will release the first tentative list today. With the current scenario in progress Punjab’s party president Navjot Singh Sidhu and the 111-day CM, Charanjit Singh Channi have started mentioning in public domain that the party should announce the new CM face. It is clear that they both have their political interests in mind. The party this time is clear that this time the elections would be fought with all three, Channi, Sidhu, and Sunil Jhakar as the election face.

While the party won the Dalit vote bank and a strong reputation under the acting CM Channi, and got a strong hold of the doaba region, he demands that he should be the CM for the upcoming elections. On the other hand, although Sidhu was successful in getting rid of Captain Amrinder Singh, he could not become the CM. His demands to be announced the CM is clear because he has worked in multiple domains for the benefit of the party, but he was just used as a mule by the party to win the elections, but never given the chance to work freely. In a public speech a few days ago, he said that the CM of Punjab will not be decided by the party but by the public. On multiple occasions he has shown his interests in the CM positions. 

The party now is in a dilemma to choose between Channi and Sidhu. If the party announces Sidhu as the CM face, the party will lose the ‘First dalit CM of Punjab’ card in the region and will lose the vote bank of the Dalit community. If on the other hand Channi is announced the CM, the party will lose the Jatt community’s vote bank. 

The party is caught in the dilemma, whatever happens now will either increase the internal fight or the party will lose the upcoming elections.