Punjab LS Elections: Why hardliners in 3 main constituencies are more likely to win over major political parties?

3 constituencies namely Faridkot, Sangrur and Khadoor Sahib are the ones that can be of ultimate surprise when the results of LS Polls are announced

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The voting in Punjab for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections are to be held on 1st June 2024. While all the political experts are stating out their predictions on who will be the winner from each constituency, 3 seats still remain uncertain. 3 constituencies of Punjab namely Faridkot, Sangrur and Khadoor Sahib are the ones that can be of ultimate surprise when the results of LS Polls are announced on 4th June. Out of a total 13 seats, 3 are witnessing voters' polarisation. Some chances vote banks might shift in these three constituencies towards the candidates who support extreme ideologies. Sangrur, Khadoor Sahib and Faridkot are known at the Panthic constituencies. From the last various elections, these 3 constituencies have supported the leaders who pay importance to Panthic agendas.

Where only just one day is left to the Lok Sabha voting in Jalandhar, some chances voting in this constituency might be a surprise. Sikh voters’ inclination towards Shiromani Akali Dal is reducing in the upcoming LS Polls. Hardliners namely Amritpal Singh, Simranjit Singh Mann and Sarabjit Singh Khalsa are gaining much popularity in their constituencies. The main reason for this same that Sikh issues which were earlier considered centre of Punjab politics are now largely missing in all major political parties' manifestoes. The non-inclusion of Sikh community issues by AAP, BJP, Congress and SAD are acting in favour of hardliners and firm Khalistan supporters who are contesting independently.

Let’s understand all the three constituencies and its changing dynamics one by one.

Khadoor Sahib

This Lok Sabha Elections will witness Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh vs major political parties. What is shocking is that despite being national-level parties, Amritpal Singh is likely to garner more votes in comparison. Pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh, currently lodged in Dibrugarh Jail under NSA Act, is fighting Lok Sabha Elections from Khadoor Sahib. The other candidates contesting from this seat are Laljit Singh Bhullar, Kulbir Singh Zira and Virsa Singh Valtoha. While these candidates have not discussed any Sikh community-related issue, people are forced to incline towards Amritpal Singh. The reason why Amritpal gained attraction while he is in jail, is because of a leadership crisis. The failure of mainstream parties to address local Sikh issues is what is making people of Khadoor Sahib support Amritpal Singh and overlook his flaws.


The main face-off will be between SAD (Amritsar) Chief Simranjit Singh Mann vs Aam Aadmi Party. Mann won the Lok Sabha by-elections and became MP from Sangrur. Simranjit Singh is contesting from Sangrur, the constituency of Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Bhagwant Mann. Punjab Sports minister Meet Hayer will be going against Simranjit Singh Mann. As per analysis, the inclination is towards Mann as he addressed the ground level issues of Sikh community in his manifesto.


AAP’s eyes are on this Lok Sabha Seat because Punjab CM Mann’s close friend Karamjit Anmol is contesting elections from Faridkot. The most talked about candidate fighting against him is the son of Beant Singh, infamous for assassinating the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. On being asked earlier, Karamjit Anmol was being seen in the frontline in Faridkot elections. However, the dynamics have changed from the time Sarabjit Singh Khalsa became the new entrant in the constituency. Sarabjit Singh Khalsa is asking people to vote for him to take Beant Singh’s revenge.

If these hardliners namely Amritpal Singh, Simranjit Singh Mann and Sarabjit Singh Khalsa win the Lok Sabha 2024 elections