Punjab Governor BL Purohit on Friday at 11 am met the victim who emailed him about her case and how no action was being taken despite her multiple requests. BL Purohit scheduled a meeting with her after receiving an email from her. The victim had accused AIG Ashish Kapoor of forcibly having a physical relationship with her and getting an abortion after she became pregnant.

The victim alleged that AIG Ashish Kapoor in the first place forced her to have a physical relationship with her, post this they were together but when he got to know that she was pregnant, he got the baby aborted. She also alleged that AIG Ashish Kapoor hid Rs. 10 crores at her place. She appealed to former IG Kunwar Vijay Pratap to investigate the case and bring out the truth. She further added that although the case was registered till now no action has been taken against him. Soon after this, she emailed BL Purohit.

Punjab Governor BL Purohit then wrote a letter to CM Mann regarding the complaint that he received. Governor has alleged that CM Mann did not respond to the letter that he sent.

Reportedly, accused AIG Ashish Kapoor is in police custody by Vigilance Bureau. He has also been the investigating officer of the multi-crore irrigation scam in Punjab while working as SP in Punjab Vigilance.

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