Punjab IAS Officer Sumeet Kumar goes on Central Deputation, many others also on cards

He has now been appointed as the Director in the D/f Promotion of Industry and Trade.

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From Punjab’s main bureaucracy, most of the members want to go for Central Deputation and leave Punjab. Reportedly, till now 7 IAS officers have applied for central deputation whereas around 5-6 have already gone to the deputation by leaving Punjab’s bureaucracy.

In the latest development, another Punjab’s IAS Officer Sumeet Kumar Jarangal has also gone on Central deputation. He has now been appointed as the Director in the D/f Promotion of Industry and Trade. The Central Government has further ordered him to be relieved from his duties at the state to join the center.

Other IAS Officers who have shown keenness on going for Central Deputation are IAS Rajat Aggarwal of 2003 batch, Seema Jain of 1991 batch, Ex Chief Secy Punjab Anirudh Tiwari of 1990 batch, 2004 batch IAS officer Varun Roojam, Ravneet Kaur of 1988 batch, Rahul Tiwari of 2000 batch and Ajoy Sharma of 1999 batch. Apart from this the IAS officers who have already gone for Central Deputation are Sibin. C of 2005 batch, Kumar Saurabh and B. Srinivasan of 2011 batch.

For the unversed, for every IAS officer, it is important to go on a central deputation for at least 2 years so that there is no hindrance in the upcoming promotions. Some officers also prefer to go on a central deputation at a time when they are not on good terms with the serving state government. Apart from this, state government also has a right to decide or restrict any officer from Punjab’s bureaucracy to go on Central Deputation. One such case is of Kaps Sinha who was all set to go on central deputation but Punjab government did not allow him for the same.