Punjab likely to face Petrol, Diesel & Gas shortage due to THIS reason

Along with reduced purchase of Petrol & Diesel, Punjab is also likely to face a Gas shortage due to this reason

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Due to ongoing farmer’s protest, 50% less Diesel and 20% less Gas were able to be dispatched to Punjab, according to sources. This could likely result in a Diesel and Gas shortage in Punjab. This follows an announcement by the Petrol Pump Dealers Association Punjab (PPDAP) wherein they said they will stop the sale of Petrol & Diesel on February 22. This along with the fact that they will not be purchasing Petrol & Diesel on February 14 to 16 in support of the farmers’ protest, likely suggests a deficiency of Fuel in Punjab in the upcoming days.


Farmers are once again headed to Delhi in order to get their demands accepted by the government, and had subsequently announced Bharat Bandh on February 16. A PPDAP spokesperson announced that it was also decided that petroleum dealers across the state will also not purchase any oil from the Oil Companies on February 15. No fuel will be purchased on February 16 as well in light of Bharat Bandh in support of the farmers’ protest. No purchase of fuel for 2 days will leave the stocks at their minimum level, hence resulting in a shortage on February 17 as well.


The PPDAP will stop the sale of Petrol & Diesel on February 22.