Liquor prices in Punjab have again become talk of town. As per latest information, alcohol has seen a hike of 20% in its prices in state. Reportedly, most brands of liquor have once again become expensive.

The liquor rates have again reached to a point that it was during Congress’s government rule. The ruling government provided relief by lowering down prices of alcohol for only a specific period of time. According to new list that has been released, 100 pipers, black and white, vat 69 liquor bottles will now cost Rs 1400, whereas in the month of October its rate was Rs 1300. Similarly, Ballentine, Red Label and other brands of same range, which were sold for Rs.1500, are now available for Rs.1700. Apart from this, prices of Blenders Pride, Signature and Royal Stag have also become expensive.

The reason cited for sudden increase in prices is that as wedding season is approaching so demand of liquor in Punjab will increase, which is why rate of alcohol is being increased. Not only this, due to Naratras and Shraad, wine shop owners saw a reduced demand of liquor which made them face a lot of loss, so in order to cover that up there has been a hike in liquor prices in the state.

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