Punjab CM Mann campaigns for Jalandhar candidate Pawan Tinu in Shahkot; reminds people about 'The Betrayer'

Punjab CM Mann said that tomorrow if everything went right, then the party supremo Arvind Kejriwal will come out of jail.

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Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, on Thursday, campaigned for the AAP candidate from Jalandhar Pawan Kumar Tinu in Shahkot where he was received by the thousands of the people with enthusiasm and warmth. For his roadshow, chief minister Bhagwant Mann was welcomed with flowers and slogans of 'Aam Aadmi Party Zindabad'. Mann said that he is indebted to this love and it is the grace of God that he is blessed with it, because otherwise people don't even like the other politicians one bit and meeting them considers bad omen.


During his address to the gathered public, Mann also paid tribute to Ratan Singh Kakkar Kalan and said that he also met his family. Mann said that Ratan Singh was a grounded and well-loved leader. He prayed for the peace of the departed soul.


He said that he is happy that he didn't even have to speak anything now to ask for votes, his government's work speaks for itself. He continued, your zero electricity bills speak for us, 43,000 government jobs are speaking, the water in 'kassi' and 'rajwahe' is speaking, closed toll plazas and your ration cards are telling the story. He said that he closed 16 toll plazas in Punjab and now it saves Punjabis about 60 lakhs daily. He said that zero electricity bills have lightened the financial burden of the common people. With the saved money now they can take care of other things too.


Mann said that he is not like other chief ministers or political leaders. He is one of them (common people) and he is with them. He said that other chief ministers used to stay away from the public whereas he is always among the people. He said that traditional politicians are miserable because the sons and daughters of common families became CM, MLA and ministers. He said that he has 32 teeth and most of the time what he says turns out to be true. He said during the 2022 Punjab assembly elections I predicted that everyone from the Badal family will lose, Majithia, Sidhu, Captain, Bhathal, Maluka, Baltoha, they all will lose and they did, they all lost the MLA election. He voiced, 'Punjab Banega Hero', the people of Shahkot responded with, 'iss baar 13-0'.


Mann said that tomorrow if everything went right, then the party supremo Arvind Kejriwal will come out of jail. He said that we'll have our lion back and I'll bring him to Punjab right after his release, because Punjab gave us our breakthrough in 2014 with 4 MPs. He said that the BJP is no longer saying '400+' because they know their ship is sinking. On the other hand, the AAP is winning all 13 seats in Punjab, seats of Delhi, Kurukshetra, Gujarat and Assam. He said that we'll have 30-40 MPs and the next government is forming without the support of the AAP. He said that the 13 AAP MPs in the parliament will mean that they will no longer be able to stop our funds, he said that together we will work Punjab 'sone di chiri' again. 


He said that Badals are crying, I saw Harsimrat Badal's video of doing theatrics, but today after witnessing your support and enthusiasm, I'm 100% positive that they will all be bawling after June 4th. He said that they looted Punjab and built Sukh Vilas from the blood of the people of Punjab. But now the people have a chance to settle all scores. On the matter of Sushil Kumar Rinku, Mann said that he doesn't even have to say anything, people of Jalandhar will exact the price of this betrayal on June 1st and on June 4th it will be obvious to the world that Punjabis don't spare cheaters.


Jalandhar candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu thanked CM Mann and the people of Shahkot for their overwhelming support. Tinu said that no party has the support of enthusiastic youth like the Aam Aadmi Party. The AAP is the party that our youth have trust in. He said that in the 25 years of his political career, he has never witnessed such love, support and enthusiasm for a leader like he is witnessing now for CM Bhagwant Mann. He appealed to the people, "1 june nu apa 'jharoo' pher dena bas."