Punjab CM Mann slams Centre for humiliating people of state by ignoring their elected government

CM Mann reiterated that the Union Government suffering from anti-Punjab syndrome and also listed path-breaking initiatives of the state government in various sectors.

Punjab Trending Bhagwant Mann

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann on Tuesday slammed the Union government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for humiliating the mandate of the people of the state by not inviting their elected government, to functions pertaining to development projects in the state.


Speaking during the session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, the Chief Minister said that though the Prime Minister is inaugurating the work to upgrade seven railway stations in the state but unfortunately the people of Punjab and their government have not been invited in it. He said that it is surprising that the Prime Minister of the country is stooping too low just to score brownie points before the media. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that such sort of politicization of the events to mark the development of the state should be avoided as it is not in the interest of the country adding that it is a grave insult of the mandate of three crore people who have chosen their government.    


The Chief Minister said that it is unfortunate that top leadership of the country is indulging in such cheap tantrums of ‘credit war’. He said that the people of the state are very wise and they know it well that nothing tangible has been done for them at the grass root level. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that now when the elections are round the corner various sops are being offered to people to mislead them.


The Chief Minister said that the Modi government is suffering from anti-Punjab syndrome due to which they are hell-bent on ruining the state. Bhagwant Singh Mann assailed the Union government for meting out step-motherly treatment to the state adding that it is unwarranted and undesirable. He slammed the Union government for stalling the funds under RDF and NHM thereby jeopardizing the development of the state adding that funds worth more than Rs 8000 crore have been unfairly blocked by the Union government, which is grave injustice with the state.


The Chief Minister said that the state government is making strenuous efforts for the well-being of the people for which massive steps have been taken. He said that for the first time in the history of the state, policies are being framed and executed for the welfare of people after due consultations with them. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the state government is organizing meets with the various sections of society by visiting every nook and corner of Punjab.


The Chief Minister said that earlier Sarkar Kisan Milnis were organized after which the Agriculture policy of the state was framed in due consultation with the farmers. Likewise, he said that the state government is organizing the Sarkar Vyapaar Milnis to resolve the pending issue of the traders and industrialists. Bhagwant Singh Mann as per the feedback received from the traders several key decisions have been taken by the state government to safeguard the interests of the traders.


The Chief Minister said that as per demand of traders to enhance the benefits of Health insurance cover, the state government has decided to extend the benefit of this scheme to the traders having turnover upto Rs 2 crore instead of existing Rs 1 crore. He said that this will benefit more than one lakh traders of the state as they will be able to get free treatment upto Rs 5 lakh under this scheme. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that this is the government of the people and is working tirelessly for the welfare of the people.


The Chief Minister said that in another historic initiative the government has started Sarkar Tuhade Dwaar scheme, which is aimed at bringing the government at the doorsteps of the people. He said that earlier the governments used to run from Chandigarh but now it is being run from the villages. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that the sole aim was to empower the people by sending the officers in field instead of the earlier trend of people running pillar to post in government offices.


The Chief Minister assailed the previous regimes in the state for mercilessly plundering the wealth of the state for their vested personal interests. However, he said that after assuming charge of the state government every single penny is being spent on the development of the state and the welfare of its people. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that his government has checked the pilferage in the state exchequer to ensure that every single penny is spent judiciously for the well-being of people.


The Chief Minister assured all the political parties that adequate security cover will be provided to all of them in wake of the ensuing elections in the state. He said that every party has the legitimate right to seek votes from people and the state government is fully committed to provide level playing field to all by ensuring security and a congenial atmosphere. Bhagwant Singh Mann urged all the political parties to shun the agenda of divisive politics by not indulging in dirty tricks to polarize voters on communal grounds.


The Chief Minister said that upcoming elections are a festival of democracy and all the political parties and people should participate in it zealously. Extending best wishes to the political opponents, he expressed hope that these elections will go a long way in cherishing the aspirations of the great freedom fighters of the country. Bhagwant Singh Mann said that he is a votary of morality in politics and the political parties should compete in the elections by refraining from mudslinging and venomous personal attacks against each other.