Punjab Youth performing ‘tractor wheelies’ on food street Hoshiarpur issued a Challan

A video surfaced on social media of a youth performing dangerous stunts on a tractor in Hoshiarpur, seeing which the Police sprung into action

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Recently, a video surfaced on social media in which a youth was seen performing dangerous stunt on a tractor in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Seeing the video, the Police came into action and issued a challan against the tractor owner. A Police official was seen in the video explaining to the man, apparently a parent of the youth on why he is being challaned. The Police official outlined that the Mann government has strictly prohibited such kinds of action.


The tractor is said to be of New Holland Company. In the video, the young man could be seen performing a wheelie with the tractor, where the tractor is accelerated so that the front tires lift off the ground. The act was done in a populated public space endangering the lives of the youth and nearby pedestrians. Police also took action after the video went viral. The Police seized the tractor while the driver has also been issued a challan.


Hoshiarpur's PCR SHO, Subhash Bhagat said that the police traced the accused and found him. The police interacted with the accused’s father and issued a challan. And strict instructions have been given that he should not do this in future. The policeman remanded the father and his son saying that he put his life in danger and could also have cost someone else their life in danger. The young man is said to be a resident of a village under Bulowal police station.

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