Punjabi film 'Jatt Brothers' starring singer-actors Guri and Jass Manak, Nikeet Dhillon and Priyanka Khera, and directed by Manav Shah, is set to release theatrically on February 4.

The film, which marks the acting debut of Jass Manak, was shot in January 2020, but its release was dogged by delays because of the pandemic.

Shedding light on his role and the film's theme, Guri said: "This film is all about the bond of friendship with a mixture of emotions. My role is about a guy, who is very decent and helps his best friend in every situation no matter what."

About Jass, Guri added: "He is like my brother and I'm happy we worked together. His sense of humour is great that you will get to see in the film. We were completely comfortable with each other."

Talking about his acting debut and working with Guri, Jass shared, "The film is about all the fun I had in my college and school. I am playing the role of a guy who is very mischievous. It was my debut movie so I was very excited to play my character. I hope people like it."

He added: "It was a very good experience working with my brother Guri. He is a very good actor and a very genuine guy. He helped me alot during the shoot. I'm thankful to god that I got a chance to work with him for my debut."

Talking about the film and his association with Guri and Jass Manak, producer K.V. Dhillon said: "'Jatt Brothers' is all about the friendship of two college going bestfriends with a lot of fun, comedy, romance along with twists and turns. You must watch this family. It's great to work with great talent like them and they are like my brothers. They worked hard for their character which you can see from the trailer."

Source : IANS

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