Nine Punjabi MPs elected into the UK Parliament to represent THESE constituencies

Nine Punjabi-origin leaders, mostly from Labour Party, win in UK general elections. Celebrations in Punjab, congratulations pour in for all winners.

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In the general elections held in Britain, around nine people of Punjabi origin have also been successful in winning. Most of the leaders have won the elections on the ticket of the Labour Party. The prominent name among them is Tanamjit Singh of the Labour Party. He is originally from Jalandhar. The joy of this victory is also being celebrated in Punjab. Also, all the Punjabis who won the elections are being congratulated.

This time, in the elections in Britain, the political parties there fielded more than 20 Indians and Punjabis. Because the number of Punjabis is increasing there, however, this time Labour Party MP Virodh Sharma, who has been winning elections continuously, withdrew from the fray. He is a resident of Jalandhar and has been living in Britain for a long time. However, in the last election, three people were successful in winning the elections.

Labour Party MP Preet Kaur has won the third Birmingham-Edgbaston election. Preet Kaur also has the distinction of being the first female Sikh MP. Jass Athwal has also been successful in winning the election. He won the election from Alfords South. He was also born in Punjab in 1963. He has been active in politics since 2010.

Harpreet Kaur is also of Punjabi origin; she contested the election on a Labor Party ticket from Huddersfield.

In this way, Varinder Singh also won the election on the Labor Party ticket. He won the election with Hamster Best. During this, when he was declared the winner, the enthusiasm of his supporters was worth seeing. Similarly, Gurinder Singh Joson Smithvik has been elected MP in this parliamentary constituency. Apart from this, Seema Malhotra, Kirath, and Jeevan Sandhar remained successful in winning the elections.