After the announcement of free 300 units of electricity to the households, a new issue arose. The government has said that if the general category exceeds the limit of 300 units of electricity they have to pay for the whole. In which, the general category has shown anger for the discrimination against them.

According to the announcement, if the bill of SC, BC, Freedom Fighters, and BPL families is more than 600, then they will have to pay only for the additional unit. But not the same for the general category. If they spend more than 600 units of electricity, then they have come to luxury. The general category has to pay the whole bill.

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On this matter, Punjab’s Power Minister came forward and said it is the first time that 300 units of free electricity are being given to the general category. If they spend more than the limit, they will come to luxury. Adding to it he said that for a common poor family of the general category, 600 units are enough. The general category families will also get benefit from this.

The power minister also targeted previous governments of Punjab. He said that the general category should be angry with the previous governments for never giving them anything. The Aam Aadmi Party has kept the general category under the ambit of free electricity.

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