The BJP Govt, on Monday, has approved the 10% quota for 'economically weaker' upper castes making an amendment in the constitution for direct recruitment in government services and admission to higher educational institutions, highly placed sources confirmed.

The government is also aiming to introduce the legislation Tuesday on the last day of the current leg of the winter session of Parliament.

“Narasimha Rao government attempt was thrown out as it violated the basic structure of 50 per cent ceiling,” confided a highly placed source revealing that “this time this basic structure is changed to provide for reservation up to 60 per cent”.

“Additionally, a new criterion of economically weaker section as eligible for reservation will be provided for through the Constitution Amendment,” confided the source to stress how the Government move is conscious of keeping its legislative move immune from legal challenges. The move will require amending Article 16 of the Constitution to provide for reservation for economically weaker sections.

Unlike the reservation for SC/ST/OBCs, caste is not going to be a criterion for eligibility to the reservation under this new provision. In fact, sources revealed that the government move plan to delineate the economically weaker section (EWS) for avoiding confusion.

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