Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, on Friday, answered the discussion on the Rafale Deal in the Lok Sabha. They told the real situation about the number of planes and disclosed about the price. Nirmala said, "When they (the UPA government) had the deal, 18 aircrafts were in the ready condition. The remaining 108 aircrafts were to be built in the 11 year period".

"You could not even get 18 ships till 2006. We did not reduce the number of flyaway planes in the deal. Its number increased from 18 to 36. We will get the first Rafale in September this year and the last Rafael by 2022. At the time of UPA, the basic Rafale price was 737 crores. We will get this at 9% low rate of Rs. 670 crores. Do not compare apples to oranges".

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