India's veteran comedian and actor Raju Srivastava continues to be on a ventilator ever since he suffered a massive heart attack while working out in a gym. It's been 9 days, and Raju Srivastava has not opened his eyes. While his family stated that Raju Srivastava is stable and recovering well last week, reports suggest that his health deteriorated on August 18. As the comedian continues to fight for life, Raju Srivastava News has been what fans are reading and praying for him. Amidst Raju Srivastava health update, his old video slamming Bollywood and Saif Ali Khan has gone viral yet again.

In the Raju Srivastava viral video, the comedian can be seen slamming Bollywood for their continuous attempts to defame and mock Hindu Gods. Raju Srivastava old viral video also shows the comedian lashing out at Saif Ali Khan and demanding the Government of India to take strict action against actors and filmmakers who deliberately hurt religious sentiments. Raju Srivastava old viral video dates back when Saif Ali Khan's web series Tandav faced flak for hurting religious sentiments.

In the viral video, Raju Srivastava says, "They are playing with our faith. They are conspiring to defame the Hindu religion. They should be ashamed of such a web series. If they have power, then why don't they mock other religions? No, you will not do this with other religion as you will be beheaded."

Raju Srivastava's condition serious, says Sunil Pal; he's 'almost brain dead'

Raju Srivastava Health Upate

Coming to Raju Srivastava health update, his comedian friend Ahsaan Qureshi revealed that all Raju's friends are chanting Hanuman Chalisa for him. In an interview with India Today, Ahsaan Qureshi stated that doctors have given up on Raju Srivastava and only miracle could only save him.

He said, "Doctors have given up. They've told the family that they could do whatever possible to save him, and now only a miracle can save him. The news about his death is untrue, the doctors have said that his brain is dead. His condition is very critical. We all friends are praying and chanted Hanuman Chalisa a few minutes ago."

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