Ranveer Singh to master the action of Kapil Dev for '83

The shooting of the Kabir Khan film is going to start soon

Ranveer Singh to master the action of Kapil Dev for '83 -

After a thunderous box office success of Simmba, Ranveer Singh has now started the preparation for '83 movie. Ranveer Singh is playing the character of Kapil Dev in the Kabir Khan film which will revolve around the 1983 cricket world cup victory. 

Ranveer Singh is set to master the bowling action of Kapil Dev as well.

“The most challenging thing is just around the corner, as in January, I will be going to train to bowl like Kapil Dev. That going to be hard. I must tell you the story. I went to Lord to watch a Test match. It rained all day and there was not a single ball bowled. In the box, Sachin Tendulkar happened to come. I was lucky enough to get some time with him. I was telling him I am doing this movie and I am playing Kapil Dev. I told him I am going to do all the homework and I am going to get the look and accent everything, but I think the most difficult part would be the bowling. And he was like – oh, you are going to do the bowling yourself? He also thinks it going to be tough,” Ranveer Singh said in an interview.