Rare Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi faceoff in LS; PM stands up twice in objection over Congress leader's remarks

Rahul Gandhi's speech on hinduisim, irked a massive controversy after he called Hindus violent in the Parliament taking a shot at BJP & its ideological mentor RSS.

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Leader of Opposition & Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi on Monday came face to face with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha. Addressing the Lok Sabha for the first time as LoP, Rahul Gandhi gave a fiery speech that even irked Prime Minister Modi who was sitting in the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi's speech on hinduisim, irked a massive controversy after he called Hindus violent. However, when PM Modi stand up in objection, Rahul Gandhi clarified that he aimed at the BJP and its ideological masters RSS. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi screamed saying, "Narendra Modi is not Hinduism, BJP is not Hinduism, RSS is not Hinduism." Thereafter PM Modi sat down. Below is what happened in the Lok Sabha today- 

“I’d like to start by showing an image of our protector, Lord Shiva. All our great men have spoken about non-violence and finishing fear. But, those who call themselves Hindu (BJP) only talk about violence, hatred, and untruth. Aap Hindu ho hi nahi,” Gandhi said in the parliament. PM Narendra Modi intervened during Gandhi’s speech, stating that calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious issue. Gandhi retorted, saying “The BJP and the RSS are not the entire Hindu society”.

PM Modi intervened Rahul Gandhi's speech for the second time. Prime Minister declared the Constitution had taught him to respect the post of the Leader of the Opposition, which is held today by Rahul Gandhi. This remark by PM Modi came because the opposition has claimed the government is trying to subvert the Constitution and Rahul Gandhi was among MPs adding "Jai Samvidhan" to their oaths last month.

What raised everyone eyebrows when Rahul Gandhi displayed religious figures portraits during his speech. "If you look at Lord Shiva's image you know Hindus can never spread fear and hatred... but the BJP spreads fear and hatred 24x7," said Gandhi. Thereafter, Rahul Gandhi displayed images of Prophet Mohammad and Guru Nanak Singh - for which he was warned by Speaker Om Birla - and flagged a commonality in their most popular poses - the outward-facing right hand (Palm), which is also the Congress' symbol.

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