After getting listed in the 18-members squad of team India playing against West Indies in Eden Gardens, Kolkata, the mystery bowling of Ravi Bishnoi again grabbed the spotlight. The young cricketer, Ravi Bishnoi impressed everyone with his consistent bowling skills in the last two seasons of IPL playing for Kings XI Punjab.

The boy from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Bishnoi is a leg-spinner who entered the IPL after playing for U-19. He started his career as a fast bowler, but due to his slim physique, the coach insisted Ravi start doing spin in his bowling. After this, he combined his fast bowling with spin. He releases his ball after taking a run-up of a fast bowler.
As a result of which, the batsman does not get time to understand his bowling style and how to react to it. He releases his bowl at a perpendicular angle, keeping his hand more straight compared to normal spinners. He prefers mostly on googlies.
The biggest strength is his body momentum while throwing the ball that lets his ball turn quickly. His body and head fall to the left side while throwing, the fall which is normally straight for other bowlers. His style of throwing the ball gives rapid rise to the ball, making the batsman go on his back foot as a result of which the ball either dislodges the stumps or hits the pads.
The unique style of Bishnoi makes him different from others. The experts think that If Bishnoi masters his leg break, his skills will be much enhanced and it will get trickier for the batsman to assume where his ball will hit on the bat. 

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