Ravneet Bittu mortgaged land & jewellery to pay 2 crores to Ludhiana MC before filing LS nomination; here’s why

As per reports, Bittu had to pay an outstanding amount of Rs 2 crores to the Ludhiana MC before filling his Lok-Sabha nomination papers today.

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Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Lok Sabha candidate Ravneet Bittu had to deposit 2 crores to the Municipal Corporation (MC) before filing his nomination. According to reports, the Ludhiana MP also had to sit in the office and wait with his wife Anupama for about two and a half hours.


Ravneet Bittu in turn accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led government of Punjab of hatching a strong conspiracy to deter his nomination. He said that Congress is also involved in this conspiracy. Bittu also said that he will complain about this incident to the Election Commission (EC) as well.


After paying Rs 2 crore to the Municipal Corporation, Ravneet Bittu gave his nomination papers to the DC at around 2.30 pm. However, the whole ordeal was taking too much time as per reports, hence Bittu’s documents could not be scrutinized properly. The District Commissioner (DC) said that nomination papers will be scrutinized on May 15.


Ravneet Bittu targeted the AAP government and said that a deep conspiracy is being hatched against him. At 12:15 in the night, a notice was given to him through e-mail by the Municipal Corporation that he had 10 years of rent for the government house, water, electricity bills etc. He was asked to deposit an outstanding amount of Rs 2 crores. According to Bittu, he received this notice just 12 hours before filing his nomination. Apart from this, orders have also been given to vacate his government residence within 48 hours.


Did not give notice
Ravneet Bittu said that before filing nomination papers today, he had to hastily mortgage his wife's jewellery and his father's land to quickly compile Rs. 2 crores somehow. Bittu asked why he was not given notice 10 years ago.

As per reports, Bittu took out a foot march before filing nomination. During this, there was a clash between Bittu supporters and other pedestrians at the DC office. Seeing the clash escalate, the police reached the spot to control the situation. Bittu had invited his supporters and party workers to reach Bharat Nagar Chowk at 10 am for nomination. Due to huge gathering here, the main square remained blocked for about 4 hours.