Read this if you are not planning to vote tomorrow

Do you know your voting booth? Do you know about backgrounds and agendas of all candidates running in your constituencies? Do you even know their names? If not, this article is for you.

Punjab-Election-2022 Assembly-Election-2022 Election-means-change
When you speak to a common man, most people are indifferent about elections. For some reason, in India, elections are seen as everything but the one way we can bring about change. Especially in the lesser-educated segments, it becomes more about “Daru ki Peti” and free cash. Lots of free riders are happy to hop on this wagon going nowhere. 

While getting the chance to elect your leader is a true blessing and you realise that when you look at countries like North Korea, the common Indian man is quite indifferent to the whole process. But can you blame them?

What is the true essence of an election? Why does it become what it is not?

This dwindling interest in elections stems from a couple of factors. A lack of faith in politicians is likely to be the primary one. Statements like “Acha hai par hai toh Politician” can second that. When people with criminal records and conservative mindsets are running, it gets hard to vouch for the whole “election means change” theory. 

The true essence of elections gets lost when multiple political, personal and commercial agendas come into play. Power, not goodwill, serve as a prime motive for people to run and get elected. 

And yet, we can’t just blame the other end. If we really play the blame game fairly, we might get caught. Our politicians are inept. But who got them power in the first place? If you look from an objective point of view, how often does the more deserving candidate win? Are we casting our votes wistfully or getting trapped in the play of perception? 

At times, caste becomes the deciding factor in your vote, other times it’s the party. Bigger pockets find it easier to reach bigger voter banks. 

So I ask you, is tomorrow an important day? Probably more important than any other Sunday of your lives. 

Caste your vote with your future in mind. Your lives are about to change.. if you let them.