'Be ready for..': Kangana Ranaut deletes post slamming 'mum' Bollywood over slapgate; uploads new note

On Thursday, Kangana Ranaut was traveling to Delhi via Chandigarh Airport when woman CISF personnel Kulwinder Kaur slapped her while checking over her past remarks on farmers' protest.

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Bollywood actress & Mandi MP-elect Kangana Ranaut on Friday lambasted the Bollywood film industry for keeping their mouth shut over the slap-gate controversy. Kangana took to her Instagram story and posted a note lambasting 'mum' Bollywood. However, what raised everyone's eyebrows was when Kangana deleted her Instagram post and uploaded a new note taking a veiled dig at Bollywood actors and actresses who posted for 'All Eyes On Rafah'. 

Kangana in her deleted post wrote, "Dear film industry you all are either celebrating or are totally mum on the airport attack on me remember if tomorrow if you walking disarmingly on some street of your country or anywhere else in the world and some Israeli / Palestinian hits you or your children just because you tried to bring eyes to Rafah or stood up for Israeli hostage... then you will see I will be fighting for your rights of free speech, if someday you wonder why I am where I am remember you are not me... "

After deleting this, Kangana in her new Instagram story note wrote, "All eyes on Rafah Gang this can happen to you or your children as well .... When you celebrate a terror attack on someone be ready for the day it comes back to you as well." While in her first post, Kangana directly slammed Bollywood. But in her new post, Kangana took a veiled dig by writing 'All Eyes of Rafah Gang'. 

On Thursday, Kangana Ranaut was traveling to Delhi via Chandigarh Airport when woman CISF personnel Kulwinder Kaur slapped her during checking. In a video video, Kulwinder Kaur was seen screaming and outlining Kangana's previous remarks that women sat for farmers protest for Rs 100. Kulwinder was heard saying that her mother was also sitting in protest during the farmers agitation. 

In response, CISF suspended Kulwinder Kaur, and an FIR was also filed against her. However, after the video went viral on social media, a plethora of rewards and honours were announced for Kulwinder. Chandigarh-based businessman Shivraj Singh Bains announced in his video that he will give a Rs 1 lakh reward to Kulwinder Kaur. Thereafter, Punjab Secretary of Bharatiya Kisan Union Rajewal, Paramdeep Singh Bedwan, and Mohali Secretary Kiranpal Singh announced that they will honor the constable with a gold medal.

Kulwinder Kaur is a resident of Kapurthala, Punjab. Kulwinder got married 6 years ago in Jammu and her husband is also a CISF Jawan. Kulwinder has 2 children-.a daughter who is 6 to 7 years old and a son who is 5 to 6 years old. She was posted in Chandigarh for two and a half years.