Real vs Reel: Is Griselda a true story based on Colombian drug Queenpin 'Cocaine Godmother'?

Directed by Andres Baiz, Griselda is the story of a woman who went on to become one of the most notorious queenpin of the Columbian drug cartel in the year 1978.

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The makers of the globally hit crime series Narcos are bringing yet another riveting show titled Griselda on Netflix. Griselda is among the most-awaited series of January 2024 slated to release on American streaming giant Netflix. Griselda will be available for streaming on Netflix from January 25, 2024. Directed by Andres Baiz, Griselda is the story of a woman who went on to become one of the most notorious queenpin of the Columbian drug cartel in the year 1978. Talking about starcast, Griselda features Sofía Vergara as Griselda, Juliana Aidén Martinez as June, Martín Rodríguez as Rivi, Karol G (aka Carolina Giraldo) as Carla, Vanessa Ferlito as Carmen and more in the leading role. Now, the question arises whether Griselda is a true story or Griselda is a real story or not? Below is everything you need to know about Griselda's True Story- 


Is Griselda a true story?


The answer is yes. Griselda is a true story inspired by real events in the life of Griselda Blanco Restrepo infamously known as the Black Widow or Cocaine Godmother. The official synopsis of the movie says, "Queenpin. Innovator. Mother. Killer. Griselda is a woman of substance. From creative minds who brought you Narcos comes Griselda, streaming January 25th, only on Netflix."


Who was 'real-life' Griselda Blanco?


Griselda Blanco was a real-life Columbian drug 'queenpin'. She was infamous in the cocaine-based drug trade and underworld of Miami, US, during the 1970s through the early 2000s. She has also been claimed by some to have been part of the Medellín Cartel. Notably, Griselda Blanco was assassinated in Medellin on September 3, 2012, aged 69. 


As per reports, the Columbian woman- Griselda Blanco illegally immigrated to the United States under an assumed name and with fake papers, settling in Queens, New York with her three children and husband. She immigrated in 1960s. She quickly set up a thriving drug operation, and in April 1975. Notably, she was indicted on federal drug conspiracy charges along with thirty of her subordinates. After fleeing back to Colombia to avoid conviction, she returned to the US and transferred her operation to Miami in the late 1970s.


However, in 1985, Blanco was arrested in her home by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and charged with conspiring to manufacture, import, and distribute cocaine. The case went to trial in federal court in New York City where she was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years.


Griselda Blanco's family sue Netflix and starcast


Notably, in order to halt the release of the movie, Griselda Blanco's family-  Michael Corleone Blanco (Son), and his wife, Marie Blanco have filed a lawsuit in Florida's Miami-Dade County court.  Michael Corleone Blanco, who is releasing a book about his mother, has accused the show makers of using his unreleased "artistic literary work" and his likeness "to depict the life story of himself and his mother, Griselda Blanco De Trujillo" without permission or credit. 


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