With the advent of another weekend, new web series and movies have been released on OTT giant Netflix. Netflix is known for experimenting with its content and yet again the OTT giant has brought up a unique docu-drama. Blood, Sex, and Royalty was released on Netflix on November 23, 2022, and ever since then, it has been receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans. Blood, Sex, and Royalty is an amalgamation of documentary and drama with a series of historians talking about the two most controversial monarchs of England. Apart from historians, Blood, Sex, and Royalty starcast include Hollywood actor Max Parker known for his role on Emmerdale Farm, Adam Astill, Sophie Boettge, Lois Brabin-Platt, Callum Coates, The King’s Stephen Fewell, Nikhita Lesler, Jhon Lumsden, Simona Mozura, Aron von Andrian and more. Now the question arises whether Blood, Sex, and Royalty is a true story or Blood, Sex, and Royalty is a real story or not.

The answer is yes. Blood, Sex, and Royalty is a docu-drama, and therefore it is a true story based on the inner lives of two of history's most controversial monarchs, Queen Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. While Max Parker has portrayed the role of King Henry VIII, actress Amy James-Kelly portrays the character of Queen Anne Boleyn. Blood, Sex, and Royalty is a three-episode docu-drama each lasting around 43-46 minutes. The first episode begins in 1536, in the Tower of London, where Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533 until 1536, was imprisoned pending her trial. She is King Henry VIII's second wife, the second of his six wives. To be precise, the docu-drama tells the real-life incident showing how King Henry VIII executed his second wife Queen Anne Boleyn as she could not deliver a son for him.

A brief history of King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn

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The story of Henry VIII and his wives is one of the most notorious and memorable throughout history, particularly when it comes to Anne Boleyn. While Henry was still married to his first wife, Queen Katherine of Aragon, Anne joined her sister, Mary (who was, at the time, the King’s mistress), at court. However, when King Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn, he was love-struck and offered her to be his mistress. However, Anne denied it saying that it was against her principal. Not only this, but Anney also told King Henry VIII that he can only get her if he marries her. 'Lovestruck' King Henry in 1527 appealed to the catholic church for divorce but was denied. Four years later, Henry decided that if the church would not grant him his divorce, he would become the church and grant it himself. Thus, in 1533, Henry created the Church of England, installed himself as the head of it (via the Act of Supremacy), and had his marriage to Katherine annulled. By this time, he had already married Anne five months prior.

Anne Boleyn was 32 years old when she married King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife, was one of the most divisive figures of her day. The marriage of Anne Boleyn to the King of England had an extraordinary influence on Tudor history.

King Henry VIII was obsessed with having a male child so that he can have his heir. Notably, Henry had a daughter named Mary in his first marriage with Katherine, and having a male child was among the major reasons why he married Anne. However, Henry's marriage with Anne did not go according to their expectations because instead of producing a male heir, Anne produced a girl—Elizabeth. By 1536, Henry's adviser Thomas Cromwell became enemy with Anne and he ultimately leveled claims of adultery against her. In order to break the marriage and marry someone else, Henry had Anne arrested, tried, and beheaded in short order by a sword. Eleven days later, Henry married the third of what would be his eight wives.

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