Talking about this issue, youth  gave their opinions in context of punjabi film media, 

Ankita sharma, student in Civil city says" The murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala has once again highlighted the presence of gangsters in Punjab. The songs of many singers promote gun culture which influences youth in a negative way." 

"His social media was overloaded with pictures of guns,  what we are trying to show youth that all this is easiely accessible in Punjab?"

Gurshan Singh, youth says "The murder of popular Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala is most condemnable. The blame lies with the Police  for its failure to curb the gangster culture prevailing in the state. We should curtail the usage of guns, drugs by approving strict laws to punjabi media. 

Palak Jain, student says " Cinema is damaging in various areas. Firstly, it stereotypes religious practices, communities, gender roles, and many more. This causes tension and creates a negative impact on people and society. Youth tries to copy all that which is shown on big screen be it drugs, shooting with guns and much more." 

Darshu Passy a  student says, " Cinema portrays crime, violence, and sexual content hideously. It contributes to the present day eve-teasing and vulgarity problems. It has a significant impact on young minds. Songs of famous singers shows all this with pride. 

Recent killing of Sidhu Moosewala in a jeep by gun is alligned with  cinematic representation of punjabi media". 

Shivi Narula in Model town says" Most songs by the Punjabi singer talked about rebel nature  through gun culture or violence, which was one of the key reasons behind his popularity amongst the youth. Youth follows such stars because of such over the top representation of c

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