Are you an lCSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) student or a parent to a child studying the same? Then obviously you are looking for the recent updates on the ICSE syllabus made by the CISCE ( Counsel for the Indian School Certificate Examination) coming into action from the academic year 2023-2024 onwards. The CISCE have upgraded some parts of the Interlinking word- ICSE syllabus while also making changes in the grading pattern as well. Apart from it, for the class tenth students, ICSE boards examinations system would also be twisted from this year onwards. Read about those details below.

The ICSE percentage calculation method for 2023.

Two sections make up the 2023–24 ICSE exam structure. The ICSE score distribution is determined by both internal and external evaluations.

The internal assessment, which accounts for 25% of the final score, will be carried out by the school the student attends.

The external evaluation, which accounts for 75% of the final score, will be carried out by the ICSE board.

The two Interlinking word- exams that make up the external evaluation will consist of a theoretical paper and a practical paper. The three-hour theory test, which is worth 80 points, will take place. The two-hour practical test will be worth 20 points. The objective evaluation will have a total number of 100.

The grading pattern for the ICSE board's upcoming school year has been updated.

The new grading system will be used based on the students' percentile ratings.

The percentile scores will be determined by comparing the student's performance to that of every other student who took the same exam.

Each test's results will be determined separately, and the percentile scores will be added to yield the final percentile result.

The upgraded ICSE syllabus for class 10th students

The ICSE curriculum for Class 10 is released annually by the Council for the Indian School Certificate test (CISCE) in advance of its yearly board test. Between February 27 and March 29, 2023, the ICSE Class 10 test will be held. So that they can determine their progress, students are advised to start reviewing the chapters and taking practise examinations. It should be noted that the ICSE curricula have been streamlined for Class 10 topics like Economics, Sociology, Psychology, etc and the portion for the same have been reduced by 30% for this year.

The ICSE will once more give one examination starting with Class 10, just like in the past. Six subjects are the minimum that students may select.

Exam Format for ICSE Class 10 in 2023

The ICSE Class 10 exam format for the 2023 academic year is as follows:

Group 1: (obligatory), the internal exam percentage will be 80 marks, and the internal evaluation will be worth 20 marks.

Group 2: No more than three subjects from the student's choices may be included in this group's topics. The written examination is limited to 80 points, while the internal test marks will carry 20 marks.

Group 3 students will have a 50/50 marking scheme for the tests.

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