PINK Floyd bassist Roger Waters has found himself in legal trouble ever since he donned a trench coat that appeared like a Nazi uniform during a live concert in Germany. Roger Waters, 79, who is considered to be a legend of the band PINK Floyd is facing a criminal investigation launched by Berlin Police against him for suspected incitement after he donned a uniform resembling a Nazi officer. As per German media reports, Roger Waters donned a long leather jacket and gloves with a Nazi-like red armband, depicting crossed hammers instead of swastikas. Roger Waters was performing during his concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 17, when he came out on stage like a Nazi. Now, Roger Waters Nazi video is breaking the internet and has been trending worldwide.

In the Roger Waters Nazi video, the PINK Floyd legend can be seen dressed in SS outfit from World War Two. When Rogers came on the stage he also pretended to shoot at the crowd with a fake gun while an inflatable pig bearing the Star of David floated above. Furthermore, the names of people who died from oppression including diarist Anne Frank were projected on a screen at the show last week. Roger Waters Nazi video is gaining traction all over the world on social media and fans are in utter shock after seeing the legend pulling out such a condemnable act.

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As per a Jewish media portal that quoted a Berlin Police representative, a criminal investigation has been launched against Waters on the 'suspicion of incitement of people'. Berlin Police Chief Martin Halweg was quoted saying that Roger Waters's costume could be seen as glorifying the violent rule of the Nazi regime. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier this year, Waters was accused of being 'antisemitic to your rotten core' by Polly Samson, wife of his ex-Floyd bandmate David Gilmour.

Notably.,Waters on 'antisematic' claims has stated that he is speaking out against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Interestingly, Waters started his Berlin show by insisting he is not anti-semitic.

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