Romi Chase 18 plus: Landlord doubles flat rent after watching 'adult video' of Polish model

Romi Chase adult video came under the scanner of her landlord and following that he doubled the rent to Rs 3 lakh 66 thousand.

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In a bizarre incident, creating adult content turned out to be troublesome for Polish model Romi Chase after her landlord doubled her rent. Romi Chase adult video backfired her after her landlord watched it and hiked the rent of the flat she was living in. Romi Chase 18 plus content is quite famous on social media. Romi Chase adult content gets uploaded on a particular website. Romi Chase landlord watched her adult video on the particular website. 

As soon as Romi Chase landlord watched her 18-plus video, he doubled the rent. The incident took place in Miami, Florida. For those who are still wondering who is Romi Chase can read further: Romi Chase is an online adult video content creator. She is also widely followed on social networking sites. Currently, she is living in Miami, Florida. She is a 29-year-old Polish model. 

As per Aaj Tak report, Romi Chase flat rent was Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand where she was living for the past 1 year, However, when Romi Chase adult video came under the scanner of her landlord, he doubled the rent to Rs 3 lakh 66 thousand. 

Romi Chase adult videos and content can also be seen on her Instagram handle where the model regularly posts for her fans. Talking about fans, Romi Chase enjoys a massive following on social networking sites. Romi Chase Instagram profile shows that she has 1.8 million followers currently.