On 7th February Valentine’s week starts and the very first day to be celebrated is Rose Day. On this day people give various types of roses to their valentine. Some give roses of friendship while some give roses of love. Flowers and especially roses are the best way to convey your feeling to your love. Did you know that roses can have different meanings depending on the color of the rose? So instead of buying any rose for someone, know its meaning before giving roses to your loved ones.

There are in total of seven types of roses and each color has a different meaning depending on the relationship you share with your valentine.

Red Roses: Red-colored roses are the most common when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, red roses are for someone you love with all your heart. Give a red rose to the person with whom you see your future filled with love.

Orange Roses: If you give this an Orange colored rose to your partner, it means that you are ready to take your relationship to a next level.

Pink Roses: These roses are the best to express gratitude towards someone. Pink roses are the best way to say thank you to your valentine.

Yellow Roses: These sunny roses symbolize friendship. Giving this rose acts as a promise to maintain a forever friendship

Lavender Roses: These roses are rare and exquisite. If someone gives you a lavender rose, it means that he has fallen in love with you at first sight!

White Roses: These roses are widely used in weddings, symbolizing purity and young love. Giving someone a white rose on V-Day symbolizes that you have found your soulmate

Peach Roses: It is a great way to tell someone you like them but are too shy to admit it directly.

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Valentine's Week 2023 Calender

Day 1- Rose Day - February 7, 2023

Day 2- Propose Day- 8-Feb 2023

Day 3- Chocolate Day- 9-Feb 2023

Day 4- Teddy Day- 10-Feb 2023

Day 5- Promise Day- 11-Feb 2023

Day 6- Hug Day- 12-Feb 2023

Day 7- Kiss Day- 13-Feb 2023

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