While Ukraine continues to be at war with Russia, a hilarious video went viral on Wednesday after a Chimpanzee escaped from Kharkiv zoo. The incident took place on Monday when a chimpanzee was filmed walking down the streets of Kharkiv and zoo employees followed her in order to bring her back. The Chimpanzee Ukraine viral video has been doing rounds on social media with netizens all amused with the incident. In fact, the Chimpanzee Kharkiv zoo video is spreading like a wildfire and netizens are having a ball with how the incidents folded.

In the Chimpanzee Ukraine Zoo viral video, it can be seen the animal walking down the streets of Kharkiv freely. Interestingly, the chimpanzee was followed by zoo employees who were seen persuading her to return to the zoo. However, the chimpanzee did not listen to the zoo employees and went on to roam the war-ravaged city. Finally, the chimpanzee nodded to go back to the zoo after it started raining. Hilariously, the chimpanzee nodded to go back after the zoo employee offered her yellow raincoat who also got a warm hug from the animal. What impressed everyone is the chimpanzee returned on a bicycle with the zoo employees.

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After the Kharkiv Chimpanzee video went viral, the zoo’s director, Oleksiy Hryhoriev, confirmed to Ukraine’s public broadcaster Suspilne that the animal was safely back in the zoo. Notably, earlier in the war, Chichi (name of chimpanzee) had been evacuated from the Feldman Ecopark, an outdoor zoo on the frontlines in the Kharkiv region. Chichi was lucky to make it out alive as more than 100 animals were reportedly killed there, according to the owner - businessman Oleksandr Feldman.

Russia and Ukraine are at war for more than 200 days. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared full-fledged war on Ukraine under the name of a 'special military operation' that ultimately drew flak and sanctions from around the world.

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