Sad changing the goalpost out of fear to face the CM

Asserts that CM had already made by agenda clear from day one

Sad changing the goalpost out of fear to face the CM -

Terrified over facing the Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is indulging in cheap tantrums of changing the goalpost for ‘Main Punjab Boldaan Haan’ debated slated to held on November 1, to mislead the people.

“CM will expose the ugly and dubious face of SAD leadership on each and every issue concerned to the state on November 1, so they should just ensure their presence in this debate”, said the spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s Office in a statement issued today.

The spokesperson said that from day one the Chief Minister had already clarified that the debate will include all the issues pertaining to the state since 1966 starting from water to Finance to drugs to everything. He said that instead of ensuring their presence in this debate, the SAD leadership is making the lame excuses to run from this discussion. He said that the Chief Minister had repeatedly said that the debate will be centred around who and how Punjab has been looted till now, nepotism (bhai-bhatija, saala-jeeja), favouritism, toll plazas, youth, agriculture, trade-shopkeepers, sacrilege, river waters and others.

The spokesperson further said that the state government led by the Chief Minister is firmly committed to not share even a single drop of water of Punjab with anyone. He said that the state government will not allow the construction of the Satluj Yamuna Link (SYL) canal in Punjab, which has been made crystal clear on every platform including the Apex court. He said that the Chief Minister had already made the stance of his government clear time and again but apparently the SAD leadership is living in fool’s paradise just for the sake of their vested political interests.

The spokesperson said that the SAD leadership has deceived Punjab on all these issues for which they are answerable to the people of state. He unequivocally said that the hands of the SAD leaders are drenched with this crime against the state and history will never forgive them for backstabbing Punjab. He categorically said that the debate will give a clear picture to the Punjabis as to how they were betrayed in the name of making sacrifices whereas the SAD leaders secured their own interests by committing unpardonable sins.