Saif Ali Khan issues apologises after his 'humane' Ravan statement sparks controversy

Saif Ali Khan has issued an apology for his Adipurush comments after receiving backlash on social media.

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Actor Saif Ali Khan has apologised after getting trolled for his humane Ravan statement. He says Lord Ram has always been the symbol of righteousness and heroism for him. In a recent interview, the Saif said that his upcoming film "Adipurush" was going to show the "humane" side of Ravan. 

The movie is directed by Om Raut who has directed Saif in Tanaji. Adipurush also stars Bahubali Prabhas in the lead role. 

Saif's apology comes after BJP leader Ram Kadam issued a statement where he stated that anything said against Hindu religion or any attempts made to hurt  Hindu sentiments will not be tolerated by BJP. 

What did Ram Kadam say? 

BJP leader Ram Kadam on Sunday tweeted a statement pointing out Saif Ali Khan and director Om Raut: "Actor #SaifAliKhan makes an extremely shocking statement regarding his forthcoming film Adipurush. Saif who plays Ravan's character says Ravan's abduction of Sita Maa will be justified in the film. Ravan's humane side will be shown and his war against Sri Ram will be justified. Director @OmRaut director, you made #Tanhaji which was well-received worldwide but it does justice to Hindu pride and Marathi Asmita. But if #Adhipurush plans to show Ravan in a positive light and justify the inhuman act of abduction of Sita Maa. we will never allow that to happen. Hope better sense prevails #JaiShriRam."

Saif’s apology

Sharing clarification regarding his statement on his "Adipurush" character of Ravan, Saif said on Sunday: "I've been made aware that one of my statements during an interview, has caused controversy and hurt people's sentiments. This was never my intention or meant that way. I would like to sincerely apologise to everybody and withdraw my statement. Lord Ram has always been the symbol of Righteousness & Heroism for me. Adipurush is about celebrating the victory of good over evil and the entire team is working together to present the epic without any distortions."

What had Saif said that sparked controversy?

Actor Saif Ali Khan, who is playing the character of Ravan in upcoming Hindi film  Adipurush, in an interview to a newspaper had said that the film will show the ‘humane’ side of Ravan. He said, "It’s interesting to play a demon king, fewer strictures in that. But we will make him humane and justify his abduction of Sita and the war with Ram as revenge for what was done to his sister Surpanakha by Lakshman, who cut off her nose."

Many netizens also slammed the actor for his statement over justifying abduction of Sita

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"Wow, and they think #Hindus will pay money 2 watches? And by the way, has he lost his mind ? or his #muslim brain only teaches him dis dat abducting a woman n at another's wife can b #justified in any which ways ?? I refuse 2 waste my #hardearnedmoney over dis crap #BoycottBollywood," one tweeted.

Another wrote: "No worries @#SaifAliKhan we will make you inhumane and irrelevant. You can make movies for yourself and your son Taimur I am sure he will also make look Taimur, who brutally killed Hindus. #boycottbollywood Jai Shree Ram."