The Delhi High court today has rejected the plea filed by Sajjan Kumar, who has been convicted to life imprisonment for killing five people in 1984 Anti-Sikh riots, seeking an additional time to surrender.

The court had ordered him to surrender by December 31, but the Congress leader mentioned in the plea how this decision has stunned him and he needs time to prepare himself for a life imprisonment sentence.

Sajjan Kumar had quoted that he wants to spend some more time with his family which is his top reason for this request of a grace period.

The second reason he quoted was that he is “at present under shock and surprise in view of the order of acquittal having been set aside and conviction” and goes on to say that the “applicant believes he is innocent”.

His third reason of requesting a grace period was that he needs time to settle his family affairs including affairs with regard to the properties. The application stated that “he would not be in a position to settle them within the short span of time granted by the court”.


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