Salman Khan Firing Case: Mumbai Crime Branch submits 1,700-page chargesheet against Lawrence Bishnoi, gang members; know the details

Mumbai Crime Branch files 1,700-page charge sheet against Lawrence Bishnoi and gang members in Salman Khan firing case.

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Salman Khan reported a firing incident at his Mumbai home in a 1736-page report to the Navi Mumbai police. In relation to the case, five of the accused, among them Lawrence, have been taken into custody. It is purported that the shooting was carried out with the intention of scaring the film industry and demanding money. Anuj Sthapana is another name on the charge sheet; he is said to have committed suicide while under police custody. Salman Khan accuses his family and himself of being falsely targeted for extortion and denies any wrongdoing. 

There was a shooting incident at Salman's residence, Galaxy Apartments, on April 14. Four people were later arrested by the Navi Mumbai police on April 24 after they were suspected of planning an attack on Salman's Panvel car.
Wasim Chikna is an additional name for Ajay Kashyap, whose full name is Dhananjay Bjmi Khan. The accused were identified as Zeeshan Khan, nicknamed Javed Khan, and Gaurav Bhatia, nicknamed Naahi.

During a press conference on June 1, DCP Vivek Pansari revealed that there was information about a planned attack on Salman Khan's life.
Further investigation led to the arrest of additional individuals, and the police are still searching for 10 to 12 more suspects. It was found that the accused had taken images of Goregaon Film City Salmans farmhouse and other filming locations.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the accused had attempted to obtain an AK-47 for an attack on Salman by means of a video call with a person in Pakistan. In addition, the arrested individuals had contact with the daughter of a gangster, and it is believed that they may have utilized followers on social media to execute the planned attack.
One of the people detained, Ajay Kashyap, was allegedly involved in the accused's coordination of activities and was also involved in the smuggling of weapons. Potential ties to Pakistan and the likelihood that children were involved in the attack are other topics the police are looking into. According to reports, Salman Khan was being watched by henchmen from different places, and they were planning to flee to Sri Lanka following the attack.