Salman Khan Firing: Who is responsible for firing outside Salman Khan’s Apartment?

Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartment was shot at by 2 miscreants on a motorcycle

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In shocking news, Bollywood Actor Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment was shot at by at least 2 unidentified persons. The incident occured early morning as per reports. The 2 miscreants were supporting helmets and quickly fled the scene after shooting up the place according to the locals. But the question arises, who is responsible for firing at Salman Khan’s Bandra home? Here is what we know:


Who is responsible for firing outside Salman Khan’s Apartment?


According to reports, the 2 miscreants arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire towards the direction of Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra. It is yet unclear whether the aim was the assassination of the Bollywood actor or to send a message or any other motive. 


Salman Khan is under threat from certain Punjab-based mafia groups like the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. In the past couple of years he and his father Salim Khan have been issued death threats in different ways, including dropping a letter to the family.


It was not immediately known if Salman Khan was at home or not being a weekend holiday. A Bandra Police team rushed to the Khan household and launched preliminary investigations, and security has been tightened in the vicinity. The police are scanning the CCTV footage in the area to trace out the shooters, check their motives and targets.