Sam Manekshaw 108th Birth Anniversary: Hero of IND-PAK 1971 war, forced 90,000 Pakistanis to surrender; Know More

Today is the birthday of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, the highest official of India who won the victory over Pakistan in 1971.

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The defeat of Pakistan in 1971 is such an issue that as soon as it is mentioned, snakes start rolling in the hearts of Pakistanis. 

Even today, Pakistani media praises him for the fire shown by Sam Manekshaw, the highest officer of the Indian Army in this war.

To thwart the nefarious intentions of Pakistan, the Indian Army left no stone unturned in teaching Pakistan a lesson by going across the border and the border. 

Whether it is the surgical strike done by entering Pakistan's house or the 1971 war.

These are such incidents, when they are mentioned, Pakistan still gets stunned. Today is the birthday of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, the highest official of India who won the victory over Pakistan in 1971. These are the soldiers, whose names and work are like cankers for Pakistan even today. 

Pakistani Media Praises

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw is such a soldier, who gave eternal pain to the enemy by giving a crushing defeat in the Indo-Pak war. 

Whenever it comes to the 1971 war, there are always reports in the Pakistani media that General Manekshaw was the main reason for Pakistan's defeat in this war.

Shaw's spirit and will were such that when the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked Sam Manekshaw about his preparations for war, he replied, 'I am always ready for war'. That's it, then there was a war after that and India defeated Pakistan in that. 

Took 7 Bullets

Born on 3 April 1914 in Amritsar, Sam Manekshaw studied medicine for some time and then went against his father and enrolled in the Indian Military Academy in July 1932. 

After two years, he joined the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment. He had to join the war at an early age. According to media reports, during World War II, 7 bullets were fired into Sam's body. 

Everyone had given up hope of his survival, but he won the war with life and later won the country in many wars. 

PAK media had published a special article on the death 

Sam Manekshaw became the Chief of Army Staff of India in 1969 and only 2 years after this, the Indo-Pak war of 1971 took place. 

The Dawn newspaper even published a special article on the death of General Sam Manekshaw in 2008. 

It was said that Sam Manekshaw was no ordinary person. We have to accept with a heavy heart that it was his great achievement to make India a big victory against the Pakistan Army in 1971. Then we lost East Pakistan, which later became Bangladesh.