Scoop True Story: Why Mumbai Police Crime Branch framed Jagruti Pathak? Underworld Nexus explained

Streaming on OTT giant Netflix, Scoop is a true story based on the book written by journalist Jigna Vora, 'Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days in Prison'.

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Just like Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta story forced the viewers to think about the largest conspiracy, Hansal Mehta's Scoop which was released on June 2, 2023, forces the fans to do the same and that's the brilliance of the makers. Ever since the real-life crime thriller- Scoop has been released on Netflix, fans who have watched it are perplexed by the Police-Underworld nexus. Created by Hansal Mehta and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul, Scoop is a true story based on the book written by journalist Jigna Vora, 'Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days in Prison'. Talking about star cast- Karishma Tanna plays the character of a crime reporter named Jagruti Pathak, Zeeshan Aayub as Imran, Harman Baweja as the Mumbai Police Crime Branch officer, and more in the lead roles, Now, since you have landed on this page, True Scoop News assumes that you have already watched Scoop and have multiple questions revolving in your head like- Scoop True Story, or Scoop Real story or why Jagruti Pathak was allegedly framed by Mumbai Police Crime Branch? To know the answer continue reading-

Scoop True Story

Before coming straight to the question, let's discuss Scoop's storyline first. Scoop revolves around a crime reporter named Jagruthi Pathak (played by Karishma Tanna) working as a Deputy Bureau Chief in the Eastern Age under Imran (played by Zeeshan Aayub). In a small span of 7 years, Jagruti has achieved great success in her career and this is the reason why many envy her including her colleagues. Jagruti's toughest competition is none other than Prosenjit Chatterjee as Jaideb Sen who is an impeccable reporter. It was Sen's broad daylight murder in Mumbai that landed Jagruti in Byculla Jail by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch.

Since you have already watched the series and aware of what goes on, we will not directly come to the Underworld-Police nexus and trye to answer why Mumbai Police Crime Branch framed Jagruti Pathak according to Imran in the series.

Why Mumbai Police Crime Branch frame Jagruti Pathak?

After Jagruti was granted bail by the Sessions court, she meets her mentor Imran at the Mumbai Press Club over snacks and there she was told by her mentor why she was arrested or moreover framed by the authorities. Notably, Imran was investigating at his own end on the Sen's story due to which he was shot dead.

Imran tells Jagruti that according to Jaideb Sen’s theory, Chhota Rajan was not the one responsible for Hussain’s murder. Hussain was the driver of Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar. He was shot in the beginning of the show and the Mumbai Police Crime Branch had ruled that it was the result of a gang war but Sen objected to it. He thought it was impossible that Rajan wanted to shoot a driver when he could have shot Dawood’s brother. It was possible that Iqbal Kaskar was the target of the shooter, but someone tipped him off, and his driver was killed in the process. But who was protecting D-company, and why?

Sen concluded that it was the IB (Intelligence Bureau) that was trying to take down Dawood’s men and not Chhota Rajan. Perhaps the IB planned on finding Dawood’s location by taking a hit at his brother. They missed their targets because someone was acting against their interests. IB could not admit to the failed shootouts; therefore, Chhota Rajan took the blame (perhaps to protect himself). Sen outlined that a section of Mumbai Police was always saving Dawood Ibrahim. Imran studied the research that Sen conducted, and the fact that he kept it inside a locker further implied how sensational his news story was.

Netflix's Scoop True Story: What happened to Jigna Vora & Where is she now?

Sen's flash drive consisted of call records, and Imran assumed that Iqbal Mirchi helped him get access to them. The calls were made a day before the Delhi double arrests. Pratap Acharya was the Commissioner of Police at the time, and he was the one who issued arrest warrants, and the then DCP Ramesh Malik made those arrests. Therefore, Imran doubted that they were linked to the Dawood-Mumbai police nexus theory.

When Sen got access to the calls and questioned Malik about his involvement, he must have threatened him. Notably, the call data records proved that Pratap Acharya was in contact with Chhota Shakeel a day before the Delhi double arrest. It is pertinent to mention here that a team of the Mumbai Police Crime Branch led by Malik arrested two sharpshooters of Chota Raajan from New Delhi. IB had hired Raajan's sharpshooters in order to assassinate Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai who was all slated to arrive at his daughter's wedding.

Shakeel had found out about the IB’s plan to assassinate Dawood, and he asked Pratap Acharya to fix the problem. Imraan concluded that Iqbal Mirchi shared the details with Sen to prove that the D-company continued to hold a significant influence over the Mumbai Police. According to Imran’s theory, Sen reached out to Malik, hoping that his interest in getting hold of Dawood would get him to confess the truth, but it seems Malik continued to be loyal to Acharya till the very end. The fact that, after his retirement, Pratap Acharya joined BCP further confirmed his theory.

(Spoilers Ahead) When Jagruti asks Imran that why she was arrested and jailed in Police-Underworld nexus? Imran tells her that Jagruti's stature in the journalism world especially in crime reporting was too high and therefore, the Crime Branch framed her as a 'perfect scapegoat'.

Who is real Jagruti Pathak?

Jagruti Pathak's character is based on journalist and writer Jigna Vora and the murder which has been discussed in the series is of Jyotirmoy Dey. Writer & Journalist Jigna Vora was Deputy Chief of Bureau of Asian Age when in 2012 she was named in the chargesheet of the Mumbai Crime Branch in the murder of another journalist named Jyotirmoy Dey. Jyotirmoy Dey was an investigative journalist of Mid-Day who specialized in writing about the underworld. In June 2011, he was shot dead by motorcycle-borne sharpshooters. On investigation, the Mumbai Crime Branch arrested seven sharpshooters from different locations and later it was found that they belonged to Chhota Rajan's gang "NANA COMPANY".9 Mumbai Police Commissioner (Then) had stated that the shootout was carried out on the behest of Rajan, and the shooters were allegedly kept in dark about the profession of Dey.