A woman from Seattle Washington came under the scanner of social media after she was caught using a kind of spray on small dogs who were barking at her. The Seattle woman dog spray video has been doing rounds on social media with netizens slamming her for her insensitive behaviour. Ironically, the woman was herself seen with two German Shepherds when she allegedly used pepper spray on small barking dogs who were actually behind a protected fence. Notably, the woman denied that she used pepper spray and claimed that she used water. Reportedly, the incident took place in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. Reportedly, the incident took place in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle.

In the Seattle woman spray dog viral video, it can be seen a woman walking down the streets along with her two German Shepherds. When she reaches a fenced area, three small dogs started barking at her. As a result, the woman was caught on camera using spray on small dogs in order to stop them from barking or in case of any attack. On being asked by the people who were filming, the woman said, "Ya I sprayed water because they were barking and agitating at my dogs. I had surgery. I sprayed water, water is harmless. I just used water spray." However, when the people asked the woman to show the spray she used on the dogs, the Seattle woman refused it.

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Netizens react to Woman's spray on dog viral video

One of the user wrote, "Hmm, we don’t know what she sprayed. Even if it was water, still no. There is an entire opposite side of the street if she, as she claimed was trying to stop her dogs from being aggravated by barking dogs. Which, by the way, they weren’t and dogs usually aren’t. I’d be in jail"

Another user dug out the woman's identification and shared her Facebook profile

"She said her dogs were agitated. They did not appear to be agitated at all," wrote another user.

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"This is in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle," wrote another user.

Another user added, "What does her having had surgery have to do with anything? Sounds like some type of sympathy plea…after she had just done something unacceptable."

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