Secret behind Sonu Sood’s speedy recovery from COVID-19

Sonu Sood tested negative for Corona on 23 April. The special thing is that after the report was positive, he recovered from it in just 6 days.

after the report was positive, he recovered from it in just 6 days. In his recent conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, he revealed the secret of defeating Covid in such a short time.

Sonu said, "I am vegetarian. I have a habit of eating fruity green leafy vegetables. During this period I kept taking vitamins, calcium, zinc, etc. The rest of my immunity also helped me recover from the corona. Breathing exercise is also very helpful. I have been taking 'Dolo', ‘Pan D40’ and other regular medicines. I also did a lot of steam inhalation during recovery days. "

On Saturday, Sonu Sood took to his social media and expressed his concerns because of which he was being unable to sleep. Sonu wrote, "Can't sleep. My phone rings at midnight. I hear a desperate voice, which is to save my family. We are living in difficult times. But tomorrow will be better. Just on myself Make the grip stronger. We'll win together. Just we need a few more hands. "

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He also expressed how helpless he felt when he wasn’t able to supply beds and medicines to Covid 19 patients. Expressing the same he wrote on his Twitter, "I have not kept my phone off since the morning. I received thousands of calls from all over the country for hospitals, beds, medicines, injections and so far I have not been able to provide this to many of them. I’m feeling helpless right now. The situation is scary. Please stay home, wear a mask and protect yourself from infection. "

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