Mexico City, Jan 5 (UNI) Mexican authorities have closed a shelter for Central American migrants in the city of Tijuana, located near the US border, over sanitary standards violation, local media reported on Saturday.

According to the Excelsior media outlet, employees of a local sanitary service have sealed up all doors to the shelter, where around 150 migrants, who arrived to Tijuana from Central America in order to cross into the United States later, were staying. The move has sparked protests, and therefore federal police have arrived to the location. An offer has been made to the migrants to move to another shelter, but they are unwilling to do so.

Several thousands of people from a migrant caravan are currently staying at the border between Mexico and the United States. According to different estimates, from 6,000 to 9,000 migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador can be staying in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali. The US authorities have deployed scores of servicemen at the border over security concerns.


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