See how the dream project of Narendra Modi the “Statue of Unity”, puddling and soaking with just first drizzles of the rain

Rain shows no mercy on the world’s expensive 'Statue of Unity' pointing fingers towards the officials 

Well, the money and efforts are all soaking in the water, a little or more does not matter, what matters is the money of the people of this country which the Prime Minister calls as his dream looking very imperfect in the actual frame. 

The Statue of Unity inaugurated by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October of 2018 is experiencing its first monsoon. This world’s 8th expensive statue is unable to hold the pressure of the first drizzles of the rain.

The noble dream of Narendra Modi is also crumbling into pieces.  A leaked video going viral on social media is the witness of a weakening Statue of unity. With the cracked ceilings and puddling water looks like the statue is soaked in water as the southwest monsoon escalated on Saturday across the state.

The 2,989 crore project didn’t even celebrate its first anniversary yet and this happens to show how negligent the officials are. This extravagant project took our 42 months with the continuous efforts of over 3,400 laborers and 250 certified engineers.

The pouring rain gives no relief to the Statue of Unity. At 153 meters from the ground, the viewing gallery was designed to accommodate around 200 viewers to view at the Narmada.

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The world’s tallest statue with 182 meters of height is experiencing its first monsoon is really not going well. The viewer’s gallery is pouring water and it clearly looks like a problem in the construction. Well, the officials in their statements stated that there is no such kind of problem of leakage.

The CEO of IK Patel in an interview said“The entire purpose of keeping the viewing gallery open is to allow the people to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place in its natural form. There is a glass enclosure at the back and there is no water collected there. However, the front of the gallery at the chest is open as per the design and it is natural that the rain will come into the standing area. There is no leakage in this part as the water dripping from the ceiling is also just a trail of the same rainwater,”

He then agreed that the base is having the problem of the leakage from the parts of the ceiling and said “We have asked L&T (Larsen and Turbo) to take corrective actions immediately in the exhibition hall. There is no leakage anywhere else.”

Let's see how the officials will act on the issues to recovery the pride of the statue which is dedicated to legendary Iran Man of India 'Sardar Vallabhai Patel.'

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