See what your zodiac sign Says (19-2-2021)

Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you today.

* ARIES (2021-02-19): You may cause some heart-breaks today, so be careful! Apart from this, Ganesha says, your love life is stable and you are ready to make a commitment to your loved one. If you are married, your relationship will become more intense and attachment will strengthen.. 

* TAURUS (2021-02-19): Unless you mind your moods and manners today, you are likely to hurt, and lose, a lot of friends, fears Ganesha. Your thoughts and feelings will be unduly unsteady and unpredictable. It may not always be possible to maintain your calm, to stay in control. A change of scene could be the right way to deal with the situation. A trip or an outing with your close ones could keep you happily distracted and see you through he day.. 

* GEMINI (2021-02-19): You will be bound by the bonds of love with your friends today. Deep introspection will provide the much-needed balm to your fragile state of mind. You need to keep your temper in check, says Ganesha.. 

* CANCER (2021-02-19): Today, you may get to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones, foresees Ganesha. Besides pleasure, the day will also fare well for business. As an entrepreneur, you may be able to see important deals and ventures coming through. You may go on a tour for business purposes in the later half of the day. At work, you will be at the top of your game.. 

* LEO (2021-02-19): It is always a small world till you dream big! Ganesha foresees chances of you transcending your regular boundaries as you combine forces with people and conceive interests larger than what most people dream of. This route is not the easiest, in that it may be hard to convince people who see differently, especially conservative bosses. But with luck on your side, you shall see your ongoing business deals coming to happy conclusions. It would be prudent to hold your cards close and delay important decisions in the evening, advises Ganesha.. 

* VIRGO (2021-02-19): The way you feel today will bring about many changes in your behaviour, says Ganesha. You will probably make some choices that will involve some high expenditure. In the afternoon, you may entertain relatives and friends at home, says Ganesha.. 

* LIBRA (2021-02-19): For all purposes intact, Ganesha foresees chances that today you may have an overwhelming urge and desire to renovate your home. It may be the small things, but even a new showpiece can go a long way in adding to the general décor of the house. So go ahead and jazz it up a bit. Towards the evening, your natural ability to be an appealing performer comes to the fore. Let the ones around you expect a shinning display of your talents.. 

* SCORPIO (2021-02-19): Today will be a favourable day to conclude transactions in houses or vehicles, foresees Ganesha. On the business front, you will possibly get lesser profits than expected. At work, your negotiating skills will save your money from being swindled by others. Sincere efforts and hard work will help you stay ahead of competition.. 

* SAGITTARIUS (2021-02-19): Ganesha foresees signals of you being calm and in control to safeguard the sentiments of your dear ones. The afternoon is scheduled to be either the time for a business meet or for some fun and frolic. However, the evening may be heavy on your pocket as you may spend a lot to improve your appearance.. 

* CAPRICORN (2021-02-19): Ambitions give direction to life. You will harbour quite a few today, says Ganesha. At work, you will strive for perfection and watch out for every minute detail that can ruin the expected results. Also, you will be brilliant with executing ideas and ensuring coordination among team mates. At the end of it all, you can expect to get positive results for your day's work.. 

* AQUARIUS (2021-02-19): Wake up! Things are moving quickly and you want to keep pace. Today, your ideas find a place in the sun, and you will bask in all the attention you garner. You need to decide quickly about certain matters, but leave the big decisions for now, says Ganesha.. 

* PISCES (2021-02-19): Your honesty is your hallmark, and it will reap bountiful rewards for you today, both at the workplace on account of your integrity, and in relationships on account of your sincerity, says Ganesha. Financially also, it promises to be a good day.. 

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