See what your zodiac sign Says (24-4-2021)

Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you today.

* ARIES (2021-04-24): You are bursting with enthusiasm about your career and relationships. At work, you will easily persuade people to jump onto your bandwagon. But look before you leap. If things take a downturn, says Ganesha, the onus will be on you.. 

* TAURUS (2021-04-24): You will find yourself viewing your love life with renewed vigour and understanding. A tendency to think pessimistically may make things murky. You love to play mother goose to those in trouble, but won't be quite as efficient dealing with problems of your own, says Ganesha.. 

* GEMINI (2021-04-24): You will begin a long-lasting romantic relationship today. Also, you will stay ecstatic and highly motivated throughout the day. In the afternoon, you will successfully avoid any confrontation with those who irk you to no end. That, says Ganesha, is the right way to cultivate patience.. 

* CANCER (2021-04-24): Give priority to your life and prestige in stead of meddling in others' matters, says Ganesha. Your enter-prising nature will give you prestige and respect. Ganesha suggests that you take time off from your chores and indulge in entertainment or travel.. 

* LEO (2021-04-24): Your efforts to conceal your basic nature will not escape the attention of others. So do not indulge in deception and remain true to your basic nature. You will need to become more serious about the tasks you are handling, and will need to take on more responsibility. Such an attitude will bring you success, says Ganesha.. 

* VIRGO (2021-04-24): A vital turning point is about to take place in your relationships and will dictate how they will progress. Today you will be preoccupied with the organisational details for a social gathering with friends and near and dear ones. Later in the evening, a member of the opposite sex will make the big difference between hope and despair.. 

* LIBRA (2021-04-24): Ganesha says you will be able to get good news from abroad, which will prove beneficial to you after a long time. If you are a businessman do not be in any hurry to fill any tenders or sign any agreements. Ganesha says always remember – Prevention is better than Cure.. 

* SCORPIO (2021-04-24): Ganesha will shower his blessings upon you today. Burst that grey cloud of worries and live in present. Your heart is overflowing with love and affection, and guess who's the lucky one to receive it? All your near and dear ones!. 

* SAGITTARIUS (2021-04-24): Suddenly, your wisdom is at work today. You see things in a different light and in a practical way. You are spiritually inclined today and take up meditation. Professionally, planning to take a jump? Go ahead, as the day is favourable for interviews, says Ganesha. You may just crack one. Amen!. 

* CAPRICORN (2021-04-24): Relationships will amuse you, today. Your strong communication skills will help you solve problems and misunderstandings which could otherwise have damaged precious relationships. The first relationship that gets the benefit of this power will be your romantic relationship. Both of you may have gone through a rough patch in the past, but today, you will bring back the joy. Professionally, you will a favourable day, also.. 

* AQUARIUS (2021-04-24): Today is your day, says Ganesha. You will impress one and all with your wit and humour. Icing on the cake will be your dedication for your job and responsibilities. You will feel very energetic and won't mind working on the behalf of others. In spite of the extra load, you will not feel tired or bored through out the day.. 

* PISCES (2021-04-24): You will try to change your present today. Ganesha knows you have been troubled since the past few days but now you will feel as though all your obstacles are slowly being removed and it will be true. Have faith in this and concentrate on your office and family.. 

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