See what your zodiac sign Says (4-4-2021)

Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you today.

* ARIES (2021-04-04): You experience a sense of freedom today. And in this mood you feel like doing all the things that you loved to do in your childhood. It is a nice time to take your family on an outing, says Ganesha. Given your mood, you may start planning for the future of your loved ones.. 

* TAURUS (2021-04-04): You have a hectic day ahead, says Ganesha. You will be immersed in your work all day long and will love doing so. A lot will get done by the end of the day. Make sure you do not stretch your neck or take unnecessary risks. That will be bad for business. Stick to basics. Do not be innovative or speculative. Be prepared for new challenges that are due to come up shortly.. 

* GEMINI (2021-04-04): It's time you took stock of your personal life. Is there someone you want to propose but are afraid to do so? Ganesha advises you not to let the fear of rejection stop you from making an effort. There are strong indications that you will be accepted if you speak your heart today. So let him/her know how you feel. The time to make your dream come true is now.. 

* CANCER (2021-04-04): Ganesha says that this will be a unique and auspicious day for you. You will get clue and hints of this from morning itself.A religious ceremony in the house, and thereby invitation to guests is indicated. The chance of shifting to a new house is indicated. Ganesha expresses his best wishes.. 

* LEO (2021-04-04): You will have to bear more responsibilities in the office. You need to carefully weigh your alternatives before making a decision. On the personal front, you will need to watch against minor conflicts with your partner cropping up. You will be able to take part in entertaining and fun activities, says Ganesha.. 

* VIRGO (2021-04-04): Today is a mixed bag of values and pragmatism, says Ganesha, and if there were to be a competition for the most humanitarian person, you would be likely to win hands down. You would do well to make plans to increase your productivity. Ganesha advises you to look at the big picture, which should not be so difficult for you as you already have a broad perspective.. 

* LIBRA (2021-04-04): It is very likely that you will arouse immense jealousy in others with your success and growth in business. Your business rivals may attempt to dent your credit worthiness in one way or the other. You may prefer to deal with them subtly rather than confront them openly, feels Ganesha.. 

* SCORPIO (2021-04-04): The grey strands on your head is not just a colour, but speaks about your experiences. Your wisdom will make you take appropriate decisions at work. Ganeshji warns you to stay away from courtrooms and legal issues, or the trap may leave a deep scar.. 

* SAGITTARIUS (2021-04-04): Today is a curiously interesting day for you. While you are always well-groomed, today, you may take that extra bit of care to look best and attract a lot of praise for that too, especially from those glam hounds around you. That immaculate charm you are carrying today will enhance your business fortunes.. 

* CAPRICORN (2021-04-04): If wasteful expenditure has left your bank balance a tad below what you had anticipated, you will have reasons to rejoice today, says Ganesha. Cash inflow — and a substantial amount of it — is likely and will make you feel nice about your finances. Work will go on as usual. The only change may be a discernible change in the work ambience; it may get a little more comfortable.. 

* AQUARIUS (2021-04-04): Do you wish to have a new car or any other property? Make the bookings today, as it is favourable day to make such purchases. You will prioritise your needs and consider available finances so that you can have your dream car or house. In the evening, you will find solace in temple or any other religious places, says Ganesha.. 

* PISCES (2021-04-04): Fear is a part and parcel of life, and while it can not be eliminated, it can certainly be tamed, and that is what you will be doing today. All your suppressed audacity will be on full display, says Ganesha.. 

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