See what your zodiac sign Says (7-4-2021)

Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you today.

* ARIES (2021-04-07): Today is reserved for your hobbies and obsessions. Doing the things you love will give you a high, and it will reflect in the way you treat your loved ones, says Ganesha. Your mind may not be at work, but your seniors may thoughtfully allow some concessions.. 

* TAURUS (2021-04-07): A trip to the mall with your beloved may end with a trunk loaded with shopping bags, suggests Ganesha. Purchase is on the cards and a home or a vehicle may be on your list. Financial gains and family joys will make this day one to remember. The day will end with a feeling of gratitude and satisfaction.. 

* GEMINI (2021-04-07): Financial matters could become a cause of worry. You need to cut down on unnecessary expenses. You could look at investing in real estate. You will spend the evening blissfully with your spouse or partner, says Ganesha.. 

* CANCER (2021-04-07): Can too much of love be a bad thing? Well, you will find it today, warns Ganesha. Today you may find your relationship in throes of chaos. There may be an outburst of emotions by both of you. And, if you both share the same sun sign then the situation may get out of control due to such overflow of emotions. Thus, it's advisable that you keep a strict tab on your sentiments.. 

* LEO (2021-04-07): You will experience mixed feelings today. There are chances of conflicts with your spouse or life partner. Avoid ego clashes with your better half in the evening. You will have to discuss some matter very seriously. Do not take on important tasks as the time is not right, says Ganesha.. 

* VIRGO (2021-04-07): Ganesha advises you to knit emotions and reasoning together. There may be an emotional overkill in the afternoon today. However, luck will turn out to be in your favour later in the day when you decide impulsively to go for an outing.. 

* LIBRA (2021-04-07): Ganesha says today is a good day for any government related work. Those of you who are government officials will find the day beneficial to them. Your life partner will prove lucky for you and you will be able to spend quality time with your dearest friends. The evening will be one that you will cherish for a long time to come.. 

* SCORPIO (2021-04-07): Lucky are your children today, as you shower love, care and affection on them. Promotion or increment awaits you at work. There's a woman behind every successful man they say. In your case, your spouse is likely to be your constant supporter. This will make you feel complete and satisfied, says Ganesha.. 

* SAGITTARIUS (2021-04-07): Family ties will be like slender chains for you, as they keep you occupied almost throughout the day. Kids to may become a reason to worry, practice caution in their matter. According to Ganesha, a day full of familial activities and responsibilities.. 

* CAPRICORN (2021-04-07): Some unexpected turn of events may leave you upset, but you will still manage put up a happy face and continue with your work. You'll divert your mind somewhere else and eventually change your mood, too. If you expecting some good news from the foreign shores, today the wait will be finally over, foresees Ganesha.. 

* AQUARIUS (2021-04-07): You don't only speak for yourself, but also for those who suffer from injustice and discrimination. Don't take more load on your shoulders than you can carry, advises Ganesha, otherwise others will criticise you. Listen to your loved ones; understand their desires and needs to build a more harmonious environment at home.. 

* PISCES (2021-04-07): You will have no unnecessary worry today. You will be very tolerant and generous today and thus will readily forgive people. This may be very good but ensure that people don't take advantage of you.. 

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